Multicultural nepotism

A Swabian butcher. A Turkish host and a Montenegrin cook. A German-Kazakh-Indonesian team of architects. Multicultural cronyism at Bismarckplatz.

After the "Lumen", it is the second restaurant in the west of Stuttgart for which the architects Tobias Bochmann, Hadi Tandawardaja and the project architect Rita Enns of SOMAA are responsible and which was developed for the operator couple Yogurtcu and the Montenegrin cook Enis Rasic. For the name and the gastronomic concept, the butcher Häderle, formerly housed in the listed Wilhelminian style house, is the godfather. In contrast to the vegan trend, which conquered the gastronomic scene of the big cities in the last years, sets "The Butcher" on a slightly less vegetarian, but quite imaginative, ambitious card. The interior is dominated by genuine, unadulterated materials, few vibrant colors and subdued light. Raw screed, walls in black, blood red and - pink. A cowhide-covered bar brushed solid larch wood for tables and benches, a rebar wall made of rebar, old workshop chairs, and a real chopping block create a noble-gray ambiance. Different areas invite for a well-kept dinner for two as well as for casual hanging in the deep niche of the shop window or for a fine glass of wine on the chopping block. The outdoor area directly at the Bismarckplatz completes the offer in good weather. With the "butchery", the operators not only enrich the catering scene in Stuttgart but above all the long-neglected, direct environment of Bismarckplatz.

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Elisabethenstraße 30
70197 Stuttgart, Deutschland




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17 Jun 2016

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