Office world between yesterday and tomorrow

A solid foundation for real estate business where the trend label Blutsgeschwister used to have its headquarters, today real estate is bought, split up and sold on three floors over an area of ​​around 650 sqm. The corporate culture of the main company, which is housed as a tenant in the historic building next to several other companies belonging to the group, is described by the client himself with adjectives such as “exquisite”, “far-sighted” and “solid” and “safe”, but also wants to be seen as forward-looking and modern. For SOMAA, this description was the starting point of a design concept that implements the company’s canon of values ​​with a collage of prestigious furniture and exciting offensive-looking space-forming elements. The careful renovation of the landmarked four-storey building on a preferred hillside location of Stuttgart provided a solid setting, while the custom-built fixtures and the high-quality furnishings open up the tension between old and new.

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25 Sep 2018

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